Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Toxicity..... District 5 + D-Style

Hey guysss.. I'm back !! *shakes his bags* Guess what I have hereeeee !? :D
Ok lets do this ! Got goodies from District 5 and more newness from Delirium Style ! So gather around, the story is going to start my children!! xD
Ok from District 5, I got this really cool and detailed mesh gas mask from ContraptioN ! Then I also got this nice sweater from SwaggedOut, they have 4 colors to choose from there, Black, Blue, Green and Red (they come with a mask that goes from the sweater collar up to your nose, makes you look like a ninjah!)  ^_^
And last but not least, the newness from Delirium Style ! Well, it's same kilt baggies she released while ago BUT with a new colors HUD :D
And that's it folks ! Make sure you go check these items out and to District 5 cuz it ends THRUSDAY (Sept. 4th) and most items are EXCLUSIVE and then they go bai bai and you gonna sulk cuz you didn't got them, see what I mean, Jellybean ?!?! ;______;
Give me a hug, ladybug, i'm outta here ! xD


Hair: Monster >[ Slate ]< Fallen Mask


Sweater: SwaggedOut - Covert Hoodie BLACK @ District 5
Pants: D-Style Kilt Baggies V.2.0 - NEW !!!
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots - Male - Black
Gloves: ISPACHI [Upheaval] Gloves - Male Relaxed


Mask: [ContraptioN] New-War Prototype Gasmask @ District 5
Backpack: ISPACHI [Upheaval] Backpack

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