What if we said that you could be a witch, impersonate a witch AND kill a witch, all in the same day? Would you think us mad?

Well, yes; mad we be! Today marks the opening of Salem, “designed to evoke the tenor of the 1692 witch trials” and offering a Macabre Market and the Gacha Gallows to its bewitched patrons. We’ll be there in BOTH sections, aiming to meet all of your witchcraft needs for an entire month!     In the Macabre Market section, you can find these six items:

In the Gacha Gallows section is “The Witching Hour,” a collection consisting of tools no witch should “witch” without! Casting a spell? Boiling up a particularly nasty potion? Collecting the eyes of virgins in your spare time? No matter your poison, “The Witching Hour” has it!

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