Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't ! [L'Atelier + Thrift Shop + D-Style]


Hey hey peeps ! I'm here again *shakes his shopping bags*
I brought some more goodies from L'Atelier, Thrift Shop and some newness from Delirium Style.
Lets start with the L'Atelier items ! Ok, I got this cool beanie from Inhale :D They have it in several colors to pick from. Then I got this Jacket from Nana. They have it in different colors and different animal on the back (Owl, bear, wolf etc) and you can choose if you want to wear with or without shirt. From Thrift Shop, I brought me some this ECCO necklace, they have it in gold, silver and black :D Then ofc, this awesome Speakeasy tattoo, it's a full body, super detailed tattoo :D
From Delirium Style, I got me these cool pants, they're well detailed and there's 6 different ones to choose from ! :D
Hurry up guys cuz it's L'Atelier last round and it closes Dec 7th ! And Thrift Shop is only until Nov 30th and some items are exclusive. So get going and don't miss this !!
See you soon baboon ! :D

HERMONY / SKIN / SYMON / ST4 @ The Mens Dept
.Inhale. Beanie ~Fatpack~ @ L'Atelier
.:ECCO:. Fat Curb Chain Necklace - All Colors @ Thrift Shop
Speakeasy :: Worst Enemy Tattoo (unisex) @ Thrift Shop
Nana - Harvest Jacket FATPACK @ L'Atelier
:: D-Style - Bennet Pants Male :: Asshole - New release

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