*Mens Stores*

A Simple & Easy Shopping Guide Of Envi Approved Stores
Essential Hair Brands:
Doux, Burley/Taketomi, Modulus, Stealthic, Vango, Tram, Exile
Essential Shoe Brands:
Vale Koer, Versov, FLite, Bleich, Ascend

Essential Go-To Clothing Brands:
Noche, Riot, Thirst, BTTB, Cold Ash, Ascend, Mossu, Cubura
Essential Mesh Body Brands:
Belleza, Signature, Maitreya(Female/Femboy), Slink (Female),
Essential Mesh Parts (Ears ect.):
L'Etre, Swallow, Mandala, Aeros, Cheerno
Essential Male Skin Brands:
Stray Dog, L'Etre, Not Found, Tableau Vivant
Envi has classic taste so who better else to steal the best guys advice from but the blogger of Through the Eyes of the Envious!! Check it out here !

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