Monday, January 20, 2014

911 - D-Style/DRD/MilK

Yoyo..hey out there..bringing you some awesome fashion designs today from D-Style..DRD..and MILK! D-Style brings you these Boy shorts and Destiny top..there is actually two options on these..2 different HUDS of your choice to purchase..I'm going to post both those HUDS for u to see..the top comes with several kickass designs and works perfectly with the boy shorts..there is plenty of those to choose from as well...let me pause right there for just a moment with sumthin to say...this is what I loveeee about Delirium...honestly..HUDS with so many options on clothes..I can mix match shirts with shorts, jeans, outfits inter-changeable to really make up any outfit I want..the quality is outstanding and the price is awesome..and that there is my personal opinion..loves out to Chrissy <3 who is the designer who is rockin out sum hott fashions! OK..done runnin ma mouth there...also these boy shorts come with the azz appliers :P

I have never blogged Milk this is the intro..and for the first time ever the DRD designer and Milk designer have joined together and made this awesome mesh hair called Willow in what they call the "the opposites attract project". It comes in a array of colors and you have lots n lots of options via HUD to change the hood and tie. They also decided to release the Hood only for the men! Each color pack comes with 5 colors to choose from and a HUD to change all the textures on the hud. Gonna put that HUD here for u to see :)

If you are in the SU sure to go over and pic up this awesome leg tattoo...its the group gift..if you are might want to consider joining..its 300L to join but you get some awesome gifts. These piercings I'm wearing is also a group gift.
Check out the boooots!! These boots are new release from DRD~! Unisex and I loveeeee..
NEW kick the f*k out of your pc" STOMPERS addition to the post apocalyptic nerd series, the STOMPERS!
Unisex comes in 6 tones comes in rigged sizes and NON rigged)

Im talkin alot in this one..bare with me :3 So..phat azz has been like everywhere for awhile..and it honestly comes down to are goo goo in love with it...or you hate it and ur eyes pop n roll back in your head everytime you see one..and ok, ill fully admit. I'm the hater..never bought it, never blogged it..just not me..but I'm fully to each his going through facebook other day and saw the Cute Azz..bout didn't even read it..but I did..and I went n got the Demo..and I bought it :O I'm really just writing my personal opinions for all those that didn't like the phat go and try the demo..I was really shocked at how much I liked it after I adjusted the sliders and got it down to where I wanted it. Im wearing it in the pics do have to make sure your body fat and your belly fat are 0, that I wished would change....phat azz appliers will work with the cute if you already have some or see something you will work on both..its easy set up and if you buy the appliers you are going to be matching perfectly and done so fast...I really like it..I would encourage you to try the demo..its much huge gap between your legs..and the main reason I wanted it...those ugly brown stretchy marks between a reg avi's legs..are gone..that was worth it to me..the only downfall I've personally found is that alot of my boots wont work with legs go if any u chicks out there know how to remedy that..please im me, is below to teleport to be sure and check it out :)

Milk & DRD Hair- Willow *Blacks*crow *new release*
Corvus : Deep Black Eyeshadow
-SU!- Kara Facial Piercing Set *group gift*
DeeTaleZ - Teeth & Tongue
.random.Matter. - Royalty - Lipstick  *new release*
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
D-Style - Destiny Top w.HUD *new release*
: Amorous : Lacerated 
** Cute Azz *new release*
D-Style - Boy Shorts Black 01/Phat Azz *new release*
-DRD- post apoc nerd stompers coal *new release*

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