Friday, September 16, 2016

Fresco....Check Out a New Experince in SL

Hello out there!!  As you guys know i haven't been taking that little blogging break...BUT...however when something hits me and I get a little excited about it..of course I'm gonna let u guys know!! 

So I'm browsing a friends fb page the other day and I see this post on a new restaurant opening up on SL. Now if  your like me, the first opinion was..whoopee(inserts eye roll)....but to be totally honest I got to checking into this one and it has sparked my interest and I'm eager to see what it brings!!

The restaurant is called Fresco and is owned by Kavanagh may have heard of them ... they also own Hand in Hand Weddings and Events, a wedding/event business which will be opening October 1st, . Fresco Restaurant and Grill will be opening on Saturday, September 17th at 4 p.m. SLT also the restaurant will  be open everyday from 8 am SLT to 8 pm SLT time.

Let me paint the scenario of your date or your typical family SL dining create a cute spot or u teleport to a restaurant, you sit down, and ...yep, that's about it..there is no rp, no real life experience hooked there....yes u might can click a menu n rez sum food but lets face it SL dining is so lame and boring. 
So gentleman...(and ladies)..listen imagine making a reservation or simply stopping by..being seated not by nothing or a SL bot but real people, sitting down with real waiters , real atmosphere and actually having your SL experience just as you would in real that is a big impression for a first date or a group outing...this is what Fresco has in mind!

Fresco has three different seating areas: the main restaurant floor, outside on the dock or a smaller private dock for intimate dates. I have provided with you some sneak peaks so you can see the atmosphere but remember you can use your own windlights to make your evening just as you want it! There are also intans for dancing..Keep in mind that this is a family style you don't have to worry about naked avatars..spamming,etc...its plenty safe enough to bring your children to..have your very first date or even a meeting with exceptional friendly service.
 I would advise making reservations for the side secluded spots off from the main restaurant so you get exactly where you want. Price ranges are 450/ per person, 800L for couples in the common seating area and 900L for the private piers( those the ones that are highly recommended to reserve) which I believe to be awesome prices for the evening you will be experiencing^^ With the atmosphere, service, and people I'm totally giving this place a thumbs up so far...they open tomorrow..go check it out !! Love to all ♥


 A night view ^^

A beautiful side location located off from the main restuarant..with dining area, intans and a special place to dance...this can be reserved just as the table or the entire area..with reservation!! The owners are very flexible so let them know what you need!!! They would also like to give special credit to  Jillian Giselle St. Angelo (anjill.pevensey) for a amazing job well done ^^

Let me add also that this is a place that hires from the if you are looking for a job in SL..this might be up your the owners for help with applying ^_^

 **A personal Note from the Owners*
Fresco Restaurant and Grill is a family friendly restaurant, run by Kavanagh Enterprises, which also owns a wedding and event business called Hand in Hand Weddings and Events. Keegan Kavanagh is the CEO of Kavanagh Enterprises and Owner of Fresco and Celeste Coberts is the CEO of Hand in Hand and a partner in Fresco.  

Our goal is to provide our customers with a fantastic experience in a calming atmosphere. Fresco welcomes all; we do not discriminate against anyone and always welcome comments and suggestions for improvement. We have the ability to set up large tables for large parties or more intimate tables for a romantic date night. 

Fresco has three different seating areas: the main restaurant floor, outside on the dock or a smaller private dock for intimate dates. ?Fresco Restaurant and Grill will be opening on Saturday, September 17th at 4 p.m. SLT. Join us for a fantastic night!

Hand In Hand Weddings and Events, which will open October 1st, is dedicated to giving everyone the experience they deserve for any occasion. Weddings are handled with the utmost respect and dignity you will come to expect from us. We also host parties of any kind, showers, banquets or awards ceremonies! We will take you by the hand and guide you through every step with careful attention to detail so you have no stress or worry. Our goal is to provide residents with affordable, beautiful events they will cherish for a lifetime. Please contact Celeste Coberts for more information or to book an event!

 Fresco- Restaurant and Grill Opening 9/17 - Landmark

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