Friday, August 19, 2016

L².....Lets Get This Party Started !!

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything" - Plato

Are you readyyyyy? Get yourself prepared for music unlike you have ever that will lift your spirit and free your mind...this is Liberta 2! LibertಠJourneys, sponsored by BRM Radio and Bell Estates is a amzing secondlife adventure...and this year its even more than last year..Secondlife's best DJs, shopping by designers like EPIC, Alterego, Purplemoon, What's Next just to name a few! But the Bullring family has even took it a step further this year and added live experiences to the will travel in time to new places. (there are HUDS so don't forget to pick up your free ones ) Looking for a beautiful place just to hang out..there are plenty of sitting areas and hangouts around the sim..I have ventured around and my personal opinion, its breathtaking and gorgeous..its a amazing job well done Bullrings <3 I am so ready, look at me in my Liberta gear..dont i look fab !!

LibertಠJourneys Stage

Have to show u my night time view also...jus cuz its soooo amazing xD

Visit the market area when you are at the festival! amazing items for L²! There are lots of free items just for coming and experiencing liberta !


Want to listen to the best toons 24/7..tune into BRM Radio!!!

AD - proud mary - dark blondes (Hairology)
[HAYSURIZA] Glasses "Vintage" Play in Silvert 1.5
L2 Journeys Noms 
Unisex[MANDALA]EARGASM Headphones
**RE** Dark Queen Rings - SLink Casual

L2 Criss Cross Top
L2 Journeys Capris 
L2 Journeys Wedges 

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