Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boys Of Summer - It's Time...

Hey hey !! Sooo i want to show you what i bring to you today !! As you can see, i look sexy just by the eye ;D I'm wearing some cool EXCLUSIVE items from The Boys Of Summer, like this cool open jacket from Pink Acid ! Also from Pink Acid i put up some cool bright eyes, teeth (tattoo layer) and blush.. Yes, i said blush !! You can check on the picture below.. That soft brownish mark on my cheek bone.. It gives you the perception of a skinnier face.. Cool eh !? :D I'm also showing off a NEW release from Legal Insanity, a flat cap ! There's 8 of them and each one has a texture changing HUD with between 6 to 8 textures in them (check picture below. You can match it to any clothes !! And ocf i couldn't miss using the amazing poses from SAAL !! They just give you that finishing touch you need to strike a pose !! :P This is awesome !! :D
Don't forget that most of the items from The Boys Of Summer are EXCLUSIVE and you won't be able to get it anywhere else. So get up that lazy butt and go get your goodies !!! :D We'll talk again.. SOON :D


Shape: SuPerBia - FahD @ Boys Of Summer
Hairbase: AITUI - Etched Hair Base - A star
Eyes: Pink Acid Piercing Eyes - Red Honey Brown @ Boys Of Summer
Teeth: Pink Acid Mens - Slightly Toothy Teeth (tattoo) @ Boys Of Summer
Blush: Pink Acid Make Your Own Razor Blush -Tintable - 2
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] Shibby


Hat: Legal Insanity - ascot flat cap Funky - NEW !!!
Jeans: {W&R} King Of The Hell - Jeans @ Boys Of Summer
Jacket: Pink Acid Mens - Mens Open Sweater - Blood @ Boys Of Summer
Shoes: PURF - Casper SOLID (merketplace store)


Necklace: .:CoLL:. Aslaug Necklace ~ Chest Attach
Bracelets: .:CoLL:. Aslaug Bracelet
Right Ear: ::Rebel Yell:: - Piercing Ear 1 (Spiral) (marketplace store)
Left Ear: :Ascension: Basic Hoop (marketplace store)


.::SAAL::. Boys Of Summer 4 @ Boys Of Summer


  1. Nice look! I especially like the hat... I'll have to track that down for myself. :)

  2. Hehe.. You just need to click on the TP and get it at Legal Insanity :D