Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lately, i've been losing sleep

Hello everyone !!! Today i'm all comfy in this cool, well textured and with fine likes outfit !! It's from Fuh.Q !!!! You have these cool Barbosa hooded jackets, the jacket is black, and you can choose between 7 different t-shirt colors (it doesnt have HUD texture change, you buy the colors in separate), but it's really well done and detailed !! You also have these fine pants in 5 different colors as you can see in the pictures. And Never the less, i can say that i'm comfy in my shoes, with these really cool looking Levi shoes from Latreia ! I don't know what's going on with these designers but they've been releasing some awesome stuff for us men huh !? So what are you waiting for ? Your wife, gf, lover is already at the mall, run over and enjoy the shopping too !!! :D

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Khaos [Black]
Hairbase: AITUI - A star, A star - 002
Face Tattoo: SuPerBia CroSs ShaDoWs FaCe TaTToo
Beard: HOT DIVE expansion beard0-1b
Eyeliner: ::SS:: Flirt - Guy Liner 1
Piercing: :HV: Stud [Decay] *Mesh*
Hands: MANDALA_Sinra_male_Silver
Tattoo: Jack Hunt Tattoo by Endless Pain Tattoos

Hoodie: [BARBOSA] Hoodie -  Fuh.Q - NEW!
Shoes: Latreia- Levi NEW!

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