Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crawl Inside.....100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Hai guyz, honestly no time for chit chat,cuz this post is packed! Tomorrow 3pm slt, The 100 BLOCK opens and here are some amazing exclusives your only going to find there..and yea, 50% off! I'm diving straight in,cuz these items are off the hook! First,get that they are all new releases! Lol Imma have to number them *.* 1 SCRUB Another Drink is this awesome mask with the feathers and spiked sidepads,it is resize! In this look I've actually added something more,which leads to 2- SUPERBIA's Wings, these are awesome..they come resize and comes with a color change HUD! You can literally do any color you want!! 3- .HW. piercings! These are awesome spikes,but not the only thing Hollyweird has in store for you,,be sure to go and check out all the new releases!! 4- SHOCK's fluid nails..*.* these nails are full resize and come with your HUD where you can get 8 choice of color! These are not the only new nails ladies, be sure to check out all of the new releases! 5- RACK CITY's bodysuit..awesome,super, and sexy! You get the choice of colors black, blue, peach, or silver!! 6- SCRUB (yes again!) Do you have the time? That's this amazing studded corset! You get the 5 sizes and choices of this black,bronze, or gold! 7- WITCHES & RATS goth kawaii boots..totally mesh and adores, you get your choice in colors of purple, black, blue, and burgundy! 8-ZENTRO dragon tattoo..awesome design coming to you in a tattoo layer!  Ladies these are all items you will find only at the 100 Block,so although I've gave you tps to the stores,in case you have never been...your only gonna need one, and that's to THE 100 BLOCK! Last but not least,my honorable mention here,i love this set,,it is not at the 100 block but take note this awesome collar,bracelet (and although not shown) ankle set!! Its liquid mesh,so no alphas, perfect fit! Whats so great about this set is that you get a HUD where you can actually have 20 options of color..fab set..ok I know i have blew ur mind with all this awesomeness..all i can say is get ready,cuz tomorrow 3PM let the shopping begin \o/


ZEUS YH-04 TEXdolce9color KDC
[essencial] Voodoo Fantasy - Drow - 32 skins
{D.A} Anime Eyes - Glutton
HUIT-Eyeliner Tiger Red
...::: Scrub :::...  Another Drink  100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
SuPerBia >HeaD WinGs< >SpiKe WinGs<  100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
LOGO Classic Elf Ears
**SHINE** Prim Teeth Vampire/Long
.HW. PC//1 -unisex piercing- 100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
[ S H O C K ] Fluid Nails XXL  100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
Bowtique - Spiked Collar/Bracelet Set (Silver)
::Rack City:: Hush BodySuit Black 100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
[ZENTRO] Dragon tattoo 100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
...::: Scrub :::... Do you have the time? 100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE
erratic / ripped stockings
{W&R} Goth Kawaii Boots - Purple - 100 BLOCK EXCLUSIVE



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