Thursday, January 31, 2013

Biker Boy

Yoo it`s me again ChanChan and today I bring you my twist on a biker look ^_^ What I really wanna show off is this kick ass jacket from RazorBlade jacket. I sooo think it yells biker and when I seen it I knew just what i was gonna blog it with and that is this awesome bike I got as a gift for my rez day ^_^  but back to the jacket it comes with a color change hud so you can change the colors of stuff on it and it also comes with the face mask too.. Okies im sure you all are sick of me talking so yea you know what to do check out the links below and buy some shit xD    p.s. if you wanna know about the bike or anything else add meh on face book or inworld chandler chrome.


=Razorblade Jacket= Subtlety Rogue Jacket/Mask
*BLITZED* Plugged Belt
*Drot* The Kenji - Black Ice
Letis Tattoo :: Rigel :: MM12021
not so bad MUNGO jeans . black


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