Tuesday, October 9, 2018

=TSHE= A Must See this October!!

Well hello^^ It's been awhile..I know I have been off adventuring and learning new things..walking different roads per say but my blog is still here and who knows eventually may go full swing one of these days...Until then I want to bring you some of my awesome experiences..and recently that has been the =TSHE= (Silent Hill Experience)..if you are a questing aka hunter kind of person and love to venture in the big world of second-life..this is definitely for you!! Realistic experiences with bone chilling decor...you can't go wrong with taking the time to explore !! Venture to the hospital to find nurse Amy and she will get you started♥ Join the inworld group as well, its helpful..hope to see you there!!!

Meet Jiho..the designer^^

  Your adventure begins here :

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